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    Beijing JAINE Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., short for JAINEis a holding company by Beijing Institute of Construction Mechanization (BICM).

    BICM is affiliated to China Academy of Building Research which is the largest and most diverse state-owned R&D institution in building industry of China.

    Since its founding in 1956, BICM has been specializing in the research and development of construction machinery, putting forward solutions for key technical problems met in construction engineering, and undertaking centralized management of national and industrial standards. It has accomplished more than 300 R&D achievements, among which 65 were offered the Award for Science and Technology Advancement on national or ministerial or provincial levels. It has also taken charge of the formulation and amendment of over 230 national and industrial standards, conducted technical cooperation with more than 1000 companies at home and abroad, and made remarkable contribution to the scientific advancement of construction machinery industry of China.

    JAINE has been focusing on the manufacturing and marketing of concrete placing booms since 1995, being the first company to produce concrete placing booms in China. Its products passed technical appraisal of Ministry of Construction (MOC) in 1998, and won the Award for Science and Technology Advancement of MOC in 1999.

    As a leader in the technical research and development of concrete placing booms, JAINE has never stopped the innovation and improvement on its products with up to six series available now.

    In 2010 JAINE marketed MG series of rotary-percussive multi-function anchor drilling rigs for conducting various hole-drillings for liquid emission, underground mini-piles, anchor rods or cables, geological exploration, geothermal reconnaissance, foundation consolidation and slope support, and for advance tunnel-pipe-roof support and pre-geological exploration as well.

    With professional technical personnel, modernized factories and excellent after-sale service,

    JAINE has allowed its products to be applied to various construction sites in China and exported to many countries such as Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arab, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Vietnam, the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Sudan, Middle East, Algeria, Chile, Singapore, etc.

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